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Sometimes Pruning Trees Isn’t Enough to Ensure the Health of Your Property.

When pruning trees doesn’t provide enough protection, we can provide alternative plans using tree cabling or bracing to help restore your trees to optimum health. A mature tree can grow in such a manner that its structure can no longer support its own weight. Even with the best pruning, trees that are structurally unsound may still be a hazard. This is particularly common in large trees with open canopy or large multi-trunked trees. All too often trees develop weak or poor structure, requiring special care to preserve them and prevent further injury. Failure of a large branch or trunk can result in personal injury, property damage and the decline of the tree’s health. Horizontal branches can become heavy and dangerous, leaving them more vulnerable to weakening by decay and storms.


Cabling involves the attachment of a flexible steel cable between branches to limit excessive limb motion and to reduce stress on a crotch or branches. Tree bracing and cabling is necessary when you have had Storm damage or lightning strikes. If left untreated, a tree has the potential to cause damage to your home and surrounding property.

The installation of cables, along with the correct pruning will reduce end-weight & will help reduce strain from the weight of limbs and leaves, or snow and ice. Complete Tree Services Inc can properly install cables in your trees to help redistribute weight and release stress.

Cabling and bracing is most effective when proactively installed & can successfully address existing trunks and cracked limbs. At Complete Tree Services Inc all cabling and bracing performed is performed in accordance with industry accepted standards, as outlined by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI). All hardware used by Complete Tree Services Inc for cabling and bracing is designed for use in trees and is installed accordingly. We use only the highest quality and most durable tree cabling products to ensure the most successful result.

Your arborist at Complete Tree Services Inc can determine if your trees would benefit from the installation of cabling or bracing. Request services today for a Consultation!

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